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Outreach Life-Skills Programmes


Connections is an outreach life-skills building programme for children and young adults with additional needs on the Isle of Wight aged 8+. Through this project, service users can access a range of highly individualised programmes that enable integration and development within our local community, and build skills for work and life

Our aims here are very clear: to provide a bespoke programme of activities that are created and driven by the participating children and young adults. The activities we offer through Connections improve health and wellbeing, as well as building skills for work and life. This service is committed to driving positive outcomes for young people


All individual activities offered are created completely with our service users and have variations of the same core aims. Examples of programmes we have been asked to deliver so far include:

  • model train restorations and customisations to exhibit

  • making seasonal gifts to sell

  • immersive sensory sessions in our dedicated sensory room for those with more complex needs

  • gaming sessions for those who find face to face socializing difficult and benefit from more virtual interactions


Participants are involved in all areas of project delivery in order that they can build experience and confidence in a wide variety of daily living tasks. Core life skills targets of these project include:

  • developing money management skills

  • developing time management skills

  • increasing confidence in social environments

  • being able to identify emotions

  • being able to self-identify a personal achievement


Connections is a programme written in real collaboration with each participant. Each project is completely bespoke and 100% client-lead

Due to the highly specific programme aims of each individual project, Connections should not used as a full time educational provision. People wishing to access Connections can do so for a maximum of 15 hours per person per week, as part of a holistic package involving outside organisations and other providers

To register for this service, or for more information please contact Jenny (details can be found here). 


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